TED2009: Evan Williams – Twitter CEO Tweets

  1. You must follow hunches even though you can’t justify it.
  2. LA times turned to twitter to dispense information.
  3. The @name was built by the users and not the company
  4. programers can writte softare and there are 2k versions of softaare can do this.
  5. Plants can twitter
  6. unborn can twitter
  7. Summize is a twitter search engine
  8. #name is now ways people are searching for products
  9. Never Assume where it will go

Open-CI to enable Social Networks


Mediamatic Lab has developed Open-CI to enable social networks to work together seamlessly. With a single account you can be active in a network of websites, starting with Picnicnetwork.org, CCAA.nl, mediamatic.net and many to follow.

Open-CI allows you to connect to people, register for activities, announce events or link to content on all these websites, using only one account!

Check out the great Open-CI features by logging in…


Sneaks @ MAX

  1. Durango: drag and drop live components between AIR apps
  2. Nitro: flash widget platform
  3. Cross Device Support
  4. Flash RTFMP
  5. Photoshop Seamless Image Composing
  6. Face, Speech, Video Recognition
  7. Meer Meer
  8. Server side action script on CF
  9. Adobe Premeire Collaboration Tools
  10. Cloud Cloud Cloud

Chrome vs. All

Updated: Ohhhhhh Noooo.  Chrome is only on Windows…Bummer but soon for the Mac..

Check out Google’s Blog for more details.


Tomorrow Google opens up their innovation warehouse with a new browser for all to surf the internet wave.  Hopefully there will be no worries and we’ll get a great solution to put even more nails in the IE coffin.

More steamy details here.

New Surfstation

I have been reading surfstation since the first day I walked into my current organization.  8 years later and thousands of articles / information they have done it again.  I just flew back from LA and just like opening the NYtimes I turned on my MAC and went straight for surfstation…  So Nice….

Great work by Thomas Brodahl and Jessey-White Cinis in keeping this alive and bringing a fresh design in such a often reproduced market.

The design is clean and appears to be ready to withstand the tests of time ready to continue “Spreading art & design news to the webdesign community since June 2000.

The layout is simple and too the point driving for the audience to quickly move through and read every little pixel.

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Ribbit goes after GrandCentral

Ribbit has created amphibian

  • Manage your mobile voicemail like email on your computer and on your mobile phone.
  • Turn your voicemail into text to make voice messages sharable, searchable, and most importantly actionable.
  • Take and make mobile calls from any browser or web page – such as iGoogle, Facebook, and many more.
  • Experience Caller ID 2.0 – dip into the social web and know not just who is calling but what the caller has been doing.
  • Have scores of web developers working at internet speed building new phone applications for you.