Precision Metalworking Yields the Berkbinder & Brown Tool Watch

Tool Watch

What a masterpiece!   Berkbinder & Brown fabricates through precision metal working products of rugged, functional beauty all from a history of a rich American Legacy.  The Tool Watch evolved out of a desire by Ted Brown to have a watch for  active pursuits, a watch built for work, a “tool not a jewel.”

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Cam, transporters, telescopic hands; the UR-203 reveals it micro-mechanics for all to see. Within this Edition Spéciale limited to 20 pieces the cams, the rubies and the transporters that ensure the ultra-precise alignment of the telescopic hands indicating the minutes, are all revealed. Time is translated into a metallic choreography of sublime fluidity

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Having successfully held events in Toronto, Chicago, Hollywood, and Amsterdam, FITC heads to NYC to host PAUSE; an exploration of concept and design within Broadcast and Film. From :30 commercial spots to feature film projects, PAUSE examines the creative and technical approaches of industry leading studios and agencies.

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