Skwerl, A Short Film makes me now know what I sound like to foreigners

The short film, Skwerl, gives a glimpse on how the English language sounds to foreigners using clever English-sounding gibberish. Directed by Brian Fairbairn and written, acted and edited by Karl Eccleston, this melodrama was made for Kino Sydney, “a monthly open-mic night for filmmakers” based in Sydney, Australia. Australian actress Fiona Pepper plays the female lead.

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Take me to Mothership “Eve”

History is ready to be written.  This is going to be one of space travel industries greatest events in so many strategic ways.  Whether we look at technology, design, engineering etc…. this is going to be big.  The first flight is in September so keep reading.


“Virgin Founder, Sir Richard Branson and SpaceShipOne designer, Burt Rutan, today pulled back the hangar doors on the new WhiteKnightTwo (WK2) carrier aircraft that will ferry SpaceShipTwo and thousands of private astronauts, science packages and payload on the first stage of the Virgin Galactic sub-orbital space experience.
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XC70 conquers NC beaches

Drove about 20 miles North of Corolla NC today in my XC70. Vehicle is ok for some beach travel but even with 20 pounds of air pressure I would say that it needs more spread for the heavy chassis. The vehicle is so heavy and if it wasn’t for the pace i was making on the sand it could have gotten stuck. Ironically I passed another XC70 buried and being pulled out by a tow truck.