M/V Lone – World’s Strongest Heavy Lifter

The M/V Lone, owned by shipping company S.A.L. of Germany, together with sister ship Svenja, is the most powerful Heavy Lift Ship in the world. It has two cranes with a joint hoisting capacity of 2,000 tons. The 162-meter long Lone is also DP equipped for offshore work.

The video shows above shows the Lone’s first job, transporting six 630 ton pipes from the RHB Terminal in the Rotterdam to Korea. The video was shot on March, 11 2011.

Google Chrome OS – 2010?????

google chrome

Google Chrome rumors are running wild.  Could it be that this will be the next OS to take on Windows, OSX, Ubuntu, etc.   Hopefully because everything that we have seen so far from the Google camp shows that Google Chrome will be a Google data magnet to everything you do from your x, y coordinates of mouse usage to how fast you type….

Google Chrome OS will be one step closer to world domination……..

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