AT&T’s 3G network is terrible in Hudson Ohio

So AT&T’s wireless 3G network is terrible in Hudson, Ohio.  Their Service is terrible and the support to solve the problem is terrible.   They supposedly have towers going in before EOY to give better coverage but from North of 303/91 to Twinsburg border  and from 303/91 to Hudson High School it plain sucks.  Whether you sit at the HCC or at Downtown 140 or North End Market you hear the curses of people getting their service dropped or the Edge Network going Jacko on you…

So how can AT&T let this happen.  With the economic wealth in this area their opportunity of loosing customers goes up each day.   With hundreds of students at Hudson Highschool who may have iphones and the students at WRA / Wester Reserve Academy they better improve their service.  Put in some temporary repeaters AT&T…..Get Smart..

Hopefully this changes but they just lost out on a potential of 15 new accounts and just lost 2 existing ones.

It doesn’t matter if you have a blackberry or an iphone the network just doesn’t peform

TED2009 – Patty Maes – Develop the 6th Sense

You don’t have time to google or use the internet.  To make decisions and find out things we need to develop the six sense.   Patty Maes and her teams at the MIT Media lab are creating the six sense.  Unbelievable camera, projector, phone solution that lets you interact and find out information about the experience you had.    Watch this video at TED when it comes out.

Sneaks @ MAX

  1. Durango: drag and drop live components between AIR apps
  2. Nitro: flash widget platform
  3. Cross Device Support
  4. Flash RTFMP
  5. Photoshop Seamless Image Composing
  6. Face, Speech, Video Recognition
  7. Meer Meer
  8. Server side action script on CF
  9. Adobe Premeire Collaboration Tools
  10. Cloud Cloud Cloud

Chrome vs. All

Updated: Ohhhhhh Noooo.  Chrome is only on Windows…Bummer but soon for the Mac..

Check out Google’s Blog for more details.


Tomorrow Google opens up their innovation warehouse with a new browser for all to surf the internet wave.  Hopefully there will be no worries and we’ll get a great solution to put even more nails in the IE coffin.

More steamy details here.