Skwerl, A Short Film makes me now know what I sound like to foreigners

The short film, Skwerl, gives a glimpse on how the English language sounds to foreigners using clever English-sounding gibberish. Directed by Brian Fairbairn and written, acted and edited by Karl Eccleston, this melodrama was made for Kino Sydney, “a monthly open-mic night for filmmakers” based in Sydney, Australia. Australian actress Fiona Pepper plays the female lead.

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Was going to right this one up but as always Wes, Anthony, and Jeff made it so clear….crystal….

“The Oxnards are made of every kindergarden construction-paper fantasy, every shitty 8th grade garage-band, and every 18+ problem with (wo)men you’ve ever had. Though we may-or-may-not experience high-level emotions, we stick with the ones that stick with us. They’re dumb.”

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Couch + Unimog = BAM BAM

Coach Offroad has been pretty busy.  What a powerful engineering statement with the powerful Cummings powerplant on this U1700.  So if you have a unimog that you need to transform into the sickest machine….go no further.

From the start, their mission was not only to build a truck for the terrain and format of the Breslau Rallye, but one that could continue to participate in off-road races and events around the world, not only as a race truck, but as a Unimog.

Tons of Videos and Stuff over at Couch Offroad Checkout at Minute 1:24 as it flys by and flips the Camera…

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