TED – Angiogenesis…..

Serious listening and note taking versus blogging this year.  However….Dr. William Li, a cancer researcher from the Angiogenesis Foundation moved my mind into new thoughts.
So…..Angiogenesis means the growth of blood vessels.   Little angiogenesis creates wounds that don’t heal, heart attack, and many other diseases. Too much angiogenesis leads to other  things  as , massive growths, blindness, arthritis..   In fact I can relate to this from last spring but that is another story.

Li showed a picture of a  dog with  massive tumor similar to my lab cinder.   Like my old lab the doctors gave the dog three months to live.   To test the theory hey started antiangiogenesis drugs and to amazing eyes the dog lived. Overall there are 12 drugs out there that are effective for many cancers, but not much for liver, lung, and breast cancers.  Why not those.  Usually its too late.

The amazing point was that we can eat to solve the problem.  “we eat to starve cancer.” Most know that lots of foods contain naturally occuring inhibitors of angiogenesis, and many are even better than drugs.  This is good news in that we live in an over medicated world.

The buzz word at TED is obesity and Angiogenesis also plays a huge role in obesity. “Adipose tissue is highly angiogenesis-dependent.”   He showed how they caused mice to decrease weight rapidly.  Very cool

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