Forward Thinking Inventions – SMOKE the damn thing

We Invent for….

1. Fun

2. Profit

3. Humanity

We try to solve with out of box ideas…..

Couple of problems that we have

1. Vaccination 10 to 50% spoil before delivery.  They need to be kept cold. If they spoil kids die..

Solution:   Less than 1/2watt of heat loss.   Increadible insulation.  You can’t reach in.  Its like a coke machine and vends out vials.

2. Malaria – 259 million people sick each year  every 43 seconds someone dies.  27 die during the time you read this. SoapOpera lifestyle….crazy complex disease.  That’s what make it intersting.

Soluion: Shoot the damn pests  with a non lethal laser and figure out that the insect we want to kill is the mosquito versus bees and smoke its wings off.


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