TED2009: Aerialist Ueli Gegenschatz is CRAAAAZZZZY

  1. Started off in Skydiving
  2. Freeflying was his next move
  3. Then Skysurfing
  4. Wingsuit flying fixed the next urge
  5. All the skills etc then he went to B.A.S.E jumping
  6. Now he is looking for new faces to B.A.S.E. jump from
  7. Jumped Eiffel Tower
  8. Jumped from a Paraglider
  9. Stood on top of the balloon
  10. Jump from a moving truck off a bridge
  11. 2009 he wants to set a world record – Longest Distance every flown
  12. 2009 he wants to do a jump never done before.

Go to Gegenschatz


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