TED2009: Shai Agassi – 100M EVs – Car 2.0

Shai Agassi –

“How would you run acountry without oil?”

“Electric Car Success?”

  1. More convenient [not drive for an hour and charge for 8]
  2. More affordable [not a 40k car]

Seperate the car ownership and the battery ownership

  1. Network before devices (Charge when you stop)
  2. own to car, subscribe to miles (battery swap system…drive and get the next one in a quick service area.

Molecules to Electronics – Battery is not the gastank.  Battery in this sense is the crude oil.  Crude Oil is replaced with the battery.  Buy gMiles and now you buy eMiles

eMiles  5 year Moore Curve

2010 8c per mile   | 2015 4c per mile |  2020 2c per mile….

Ghosn “Hybrids are like mermaids, when you woman you get a fish and when you want a fish you get a woman.”

Where is the car industry?

  • Car1.0 – We’ll make a powerplant in the trunk. FAIL
  • Car2.0 – New market, business model, minutes, miles, subsidize the price of the car.  Our Cars will be cheaper than 1.0 cars.

Solve Big problems

Zero & Infiniti.  Don’t Pad CO2

one ICE car = 4 tons co2 /year

700M ICE cars release  2.8 billion tons CO2 / year

Cars represent 25% of the worlds CO2 emissions


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