TED2009: Jacek Utko – To Be Good Is Not Enough

Why is the newspaper failing?

  1. loss of  readers
  2. ergo
  3. trees
  4. lack of creativity

How they are fixing it?

Treat the entire newspaper as one composition. It has ups and downs.  Clicking through pages should be the greatest experience.  Society for Newspaper design named the  AP2 the greatest designed newspaper in the world.

Examples of newspaper went from +11% to +33% after redesign

Bulgeria went up to 100%.

Take the Archiecture way

function + form and make the newspaper

strategy + content + design

Lessons Learned

1. Design can not just change your product but also work flow and it can change the entire company. It can change you.  who is responsible.  You.  Give POWER to Designers.

2. You can live in a poor country, small company, boring branch, but you can still put your work at the highest level.
To be good is not ENOUGH


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