TED2009: Daneil Libeskind – “Architecture’s Story

Daneil Libeskind on Architecture

  • “Expression as the true meaning of architecture, a living connection to the ongoing human story.”
  • “To create something that never existed is what interests me. That’s really what architecture is. It is a story”
  • “architecture is a story told through hard materials.
  • “being an opponent of “cool architecture” because it overlooks the emotional component, which is the gist.”
  • “Space is complex”
  • “Architecture needs to mirror the complexity in every space
  • “Architecture is political”
  • “Reality of Architecture is Visceral and not Intellectual”
  • “What is a Habit…its a shackle…its poison.  Unexpected is ncessary”
  • “Architecture full of tension and reachs to the soul and heart.  Breaks from Shackles”
  • “Raw is the naked experience.  Untouched by the refinement of high culture”
  • “Through its focal point it can leverage what the world is about”
  • “Desire to communicate more than just the blunt thought but rather pinpoint”
  • “Play something completely unheard of”
  • “architecture is not mute….it tells a story….reaches into obscure desires”
  • “create the museum versus entertainment”
  • “Architecture should be risky”
  • “Its about space and not fashion”
  • “Spaces Important for everyone in the world”
  • “Architecture is about Consensus

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