TED2009: Catherine Mohr – Robotic Surgeons

What is Survery?

  • 10k years ago Trepanation was being performed.  Dawn of Surgery
  • Bronze Age – New tools showing up
  • Barber Surgeon – Traveled from village to village and town to town to perform.  Agony of Patient a spectica.
  • Anesthesia –  1847 ushered in a whole new era.  Freedom to operate.  Go deeper.
  • Aseptic Technic – As important to wash before as afterwards.
  • Anything was possible  – Saving lives but not quality of life
  • Laproscopic Surgery through small inccisions.  Change the landscape
  • da Vinci Robot – Put a wrist on the laproscopic surgery – Introduced in 1999
  • Barriers to da Vinci Robot – Cost, Capital, More and More Ports on the Body for complex surgeries
  • Solution  – Send a tube in through one port on your body and send in the robot
  • New Robot – Off the centerline with camera, components, hands etc through one incision
  • New Markers – Find Cancer, Double check the connection. Light Up Tumors, Find boundries
  • Flexible Microscopic Probes
  • Intuitive Surgery – Builds the da Vinci.  FDA decides the date on the new one.

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