TED2009 Tim Berners-Lee You must demand, want linked data

When TED started there was no web…. Now 25 years later TED is driving innovation via the web.  Tim Berners-Lee speaks about the grass roots movement of the web is more important and exciting than the technology and code that has built the web.  When this video hits the TED site make sure you check it out.

Here are some Notes from his presentation…

Three Rules for Linked Data….

1. Http things are being used for people, places, and things….They all have names

2. When I take an http i will get back data in a standard format.  Get important information back

3. When I get the data back it has to have relationships

Wikipedia has documents and within these documents is data.  Take the data and put it into a site called dbpedia.


Tons of different types of data and the web allows you to put it up there.  There are  infinite types of data.  The diversity has potential.  Don’t just make a beautiful website but first give us the unadulterated data.

RAW DATA NOW!!!  Practice Practice Practice.  We are owed access to the data.

People don’t share enough data.  Social Networking Sites need to fix the wall issues between all of them. Silos are created.  We need interoperability between these silos

Linked data is about people doing a little bit and everyone else does there and things will happen.

Make IT, Demand It, LInked Data


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