Update! Flash Catalyst aka Thermo a Huge WIN for ADOBE!!!!

Update: Well I spent 5 hours on a flight and used the new Flash Catalyst application aka THERMO and created a very powerful dynamic search results screen.  Lets just say Jesus Roller Blading Christ this is outstanding.

Out of respect for the hard working team at Adobe I must say it is a game changer.  To keep the demo from locking up  i didn’t use my complex AI from a previous flex project and I created a less complicated AI and isolated what I really needed to do and Poof went into Catalyst and created one of my favorit works yet.

the ability to produce into a SWF is awesome.  I can’t wait to see the power when I can bring in the 100’s of layed out designs in Fireworks.

11/7: First Run: no seriously……  The install process went really well but then we went to open an ai file and take advantage of the Fc’s power of automatically solving the world’s problems things went poof.    Well after mxml load etc the machine just locked up pegged the processor and the rest is history.



One thought on “Update! Flash Catalyst aka Thermo a Huge WIN for ADOBE!!!!

  1. Ouch–sorry about that! Since this is a really early preview build, there are definitely still lots of bugs to work out in the import process.

    Are there a lot of objects in your AI file? If so, that might be the problem–we have some performance issues when there are a lot of items.

    Otherwise, would you be willing to send us your AI file so we can debug with it? If so, please send it to me at the email address I submitted with this comment. Thanks!

    Narciso (nj) Jaramillo
    Adobe Flash Catalyst team

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