Surf / Snow Grinch Slingshot

This device truly pulls you across the water or snow and helps you slingshot up over the curl.

Over at Distortion Boarding they have truly raised the bar

Via Gizmodo

More  Pictures

Engine: 7HP Subaru-Robin
w/2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
Top Speed 25 to 30 MPH depending on size of rider
600ft. of High Tension Line included
Spool can hold up to 2,000ft of High Tension Line
Powder Coat Laser Cut Steel frame
Fits 2” Receiver Hitch
Wheel mounts for 12” tires for easy moving around
(Wheel Kits not included)
Hole Mounts for Staking to ground or
strapping to ground
Handles for easily carrying around
Hydraulic Brake for starting and stopping
Hand Throttle for easy speed adjustment and on/off switch
Low-end torque special gearing for
deep-water starts up to 200 lbs
Roller System for Towing at almost any
angle that keeps rope in good shape
Weight: 170 lbs
Patient Pending


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