Chrome vs. All

Updated: Ohhhhhh Noooo.  Chrome is only on Windows…Bummer but soon for the Mac..

Check out Google’s Blog for more details.


Tomorrow Google opens up their innovation warehouse with a new browser for all to surf the internet wave.  Hopefully there will be no worries and we’ll get a great solution to put even more nails in the IE coffin.

More steamy details here.

4 thoughts on “Chrome vs. All

  1. The features on Google’s Chrome sound awesome and it’s only in the BETA stage, But for now, Mozilla Firefox is doing me :).

  2. the beta sucks. i assume it will all be worked out eventually, but the prudent move is to wait until it is actually ready. it is clear that google rushed chrome’s beta release, and the beta seems to be horribly buggy from the get-go. i had thought it was just me, but the vast majority of the comments i have seen show many people are experiencing the same things i am. i will stick with firefox until chrome is really ready.

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