TED2008 – Econol

Paul Stamets who is a mycologist (fungi researcher).  During his presentation he presented that we’re more closely related to fungi than any other kingdom. The sequence of microbes on rotting mushrooms are essential to the forests of the world.

A very interesting solution which he developed consisted of  infused burlap bags filled with natural material and mycelium.  These would then be placed in drainage areas near or on farms to reduce presence of E. coli in runoff.

The research hasn’t ended and now we are seeing treatments for viruses using rare fungi only found in old growth forest. He’s even using mycelium as pest control which is pretty cool. (Check out the Video when it gets on TED)
Even better he believes generating cellulose from mycelium to create a fuel known as ECONOL


5 thoughts on “TED2008 – Econol

  1. I was sent this video in a email by a friend and to be quite honest I thought to myself “Mushrooms How Boring”. OMG was I ever wrong!! I used to live next to fairly old growth forests in the backwoods of Yelm, WA. and I loved it. Paul Stamets brought back memories of those days of the way things were in the forest. Most everything in the PNW is built from wood and you will soon learn that those flying bugs that look like ants are termites. Mushrooms save the day again with permanently resolving the termites and carpenter ant problem.
    Lastly, if ECONOL does actually work and it’s per gallon cost effective, WHY ARE WE NOT TURNING OUR LAND FILLS INTO ISLANDS OF FUEL??

  2. i saw this some time ago, and what i loved about it was the use of mushrooms to clean oil contaminated soil. Eventually it turned in to its own little ecosystem, thats just inspiring 🙂

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