If it wasn’t for Coal Mines, Johnny Cash, Music, Lonely Pianos & Over The Rhine

My annual Christmas journey to the Kent Stage for an evening listening to the liquid sound of Over The Rhine occurred last night. By far this was one of their best performances after a long few months of their universe traveling. The night was cold but the warm glow of the Kent Stage and a sold out show created a powerful atmosphere that reacted to every whispered comment, humorous moment, and sexy melody which moved across the audience. We experienced Trumpet Child, Snow Angels, Drunkards Prayer and so much more in a grand performance.

The results of last evening were spectacular with music inspired flashbacks that retrieve a decade and half of grand memories of life experiences from broken hearts, nuptials, to the birth of my son.

The mind numbing and audience controlling commentary of Linford, soothing, beautiful, and glorious vocals of Karin, powerful and creative strumming of Jake and the world class instrument switch performance of Mickey turned an ordinary friday into something to lock in your heart forever.

After almost 15 years of listening to their music it never gets old. Check out  Over The Rhine


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